2021 April-May Monthly Report

1.Key Points

2.Development Progress

NeoLine Mobile

NeoLine Chrome Extension


3.Operation Progress

How to keep your assets safe

Keep users’ safety has always been our top priority, so in these two months, we still focused on the popularization of wallet knowledge, through some common cases of asset loss due to misoperation, to guide users to use the wallet correctly, enhance users’ basic knowledge towards wallet, and remind users to protect their asset safety at all times.

NeoLine — Private Meeting

In April, NeoLine held an online sharing session [Dialogue with Whale], and invited Tim, VP Product of O3Labs, to introduce how to participate in O3 Swap single token/stablecoin liquidity mining for members of NeoLine.

How to use O3 Swap with NeoLine

The NeoLine Chrome Extension fully supports the cross-chain aggregation protocol O3 Swap, and through the NeoLine Chrome Extension, you can quickly participate in the O3 Swap Neo chain asset swap.


The focus of this month’s work is mainly on the upgrade of N3 RC2 version and providing a better wallet, browser, development tools, and other related infrastructure services for the testnest going online.

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