1.Key Points

  • NeoLine mobile and NeoLine Chrome Extension have been upgraded to N3 RC2 version.
  • N3 Testnet Faucet QR code scanning verification function has been added to the NeoLine mobile, and NeoLine Chrome Extension is being tested to fix data processing and wrong invoke methods.

2.Development Progress

  • Upgrade to N3 RC2 version for iOS V2.7.0(61) and Android V2.10.0.
  • Add N3 Testnet Faucet QR code scanning verification function.
  • V3.2.1 upgrade to N3 RC2 version.
  • N3 beta dAPI has been completed and testing is currently underway to fix the wrong invoke methods.
  • Neo3-squirrel updated to Neo N3 RC2.
  • Upgrade all Neo N3 full nodes to RC2…

Monthly Report- March

1.Key Points

  • NeoLine mobile and NeoLine chrome extension are upgraded to N3 RC1 version.
  • The new version of NeoTube N3 RC1 is tested and optimized as well as fix some data display problems.

2.Development Progres

  • 1.NeoTube
  • Neo3 NeoTube updated to N3 RC1.
  • Fix the problem that a few block page details data display is empty.
  • 2.NeoLine Mobile
  • Upgrade IOS v2.6.4 (56) and Android v2.8.0 to N3 RC1.
  • 3.NeoLine Chrome Extension
  • V3.1.1 is upgraded to N3 RC1.
  • Fixed the problem that the avatar could not be displayed when opening the wallet for the first time.
  • 4.Neo3
  • Neo3-squirrels updated to Neo N3 RC1.

Monthly Report — Feb 2021

1. Key Points

NeoLine mobile and NeoLine Chrome Extension are compatible with Neo3 Preview5.

Test and optimize the new version of Neotube Neo3, deploy and run all nodes of Neo3 Preview 5.

2.Development Progres

Compatible with Neo3 Preview5

Adjust address details, transaction details, and block details page to make a suitable data display.

Compatible with Neo3 Preview5

About to complete the compatibility with Neo3 Preview5

Fix known problems

Deploy and run Neo3 Preview5 all nodes

Block analysis (neo3-squirrels) is compatible with Neo3 Preview5

3.Operation Progress

In this month’s private sharing meeting, an online sharing session of “Cross Mountains and Rivers · Annual Conversation” was held. The conversation…

1.Key Points

Based on the progress of Neo3 Preview 5, NeoLine and NeoTube are developed and improved iteratively.

Design the scheme of Neo3 DAPI, voting, migration and coexistence with Neo2 network in wallet.

The operation team focuses on the popularization of basic knowledge of Neo3.

2.Development Progress

· Completed the adaptation of Neo3 preview 4.

· Redesign the UI of the contract page.

· Optimization some page data display problem.

Monthly Report — November

1.Key Points

The development and deployment of neo3 blockchain browser. Completed the new 0.0.1 version of neo3 test net.

Neoline chrome extension supports and develops neo3 test net.

The development and optimization of neoline mobile version for neo3 test net module.

2.Development Progress


The new version of neo3 block browser has been developed. Followed with updated node version. https://neo3.neotube.io

2.NeoLine Mobile

Optimization and development of neo3 test net module

Add new function of address book

Add new function of the message center

The above functions will be issued together with the neo3 version.

3.NeoLine Chrome Extension

Complete multi-chain

Adjust Neo2 interface to accommodate multi-chain


1.Key Points

  • NeoLine Mobile added support for Neo3 TestNet.
  • Designed and developed the new version of NeoLine, aiming at providing Neo3 network data services.
  • Modified and migrated NeoLine Chrome extension architetcture for simultaneously supporting Neo2 and Neo3.

2.Development Progress

Ⅰ. NeoTube

  • Fixed a bug where transaction history is not properly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where transaction detail is not properly displayed.
  • Designed Neo3 UI blueprint. Developmet progress: 30%.

Ⅱ. NeoLine Mobile

  • Added Neo3 wallet option.
  • Added Neo3 infrastructure.
  • Added tip for transfer that can be displayed more precisely.
  • Improved local storage to better support multi-chain assets.

Ⅲ. NeoLine Chrome Extension

Key Points

  • NeoLine Chrome extension reshaped with full support for Flamingo. Mobile version optimized support for Flamingo-related assets.
  • NeoTube added support for Flamingo-related assets data. The Neo3 version is in development.
  • System upgrades and optimization for browser back-end, database, server node, and wallet back-end. We aim to provide better services to a large amount of DeFi users.

Development Progress

  • Added Flamingo balance display
  • Cached frequently queried data to help mitigate traffic
  • Optimized high-precision asset transfer logic and transfer amount verification
  • Replaced the old notification system with a new one. Now transfer will be caught across the web and users will be notified
  • Fixed a…

Development progress

1. NeoTube

· According to the roadmap, we have published the globalization version in which 9 languages are supported. They are Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

· Added and optimized ranking data and address data query abilities.

· Neo3 Test-Net version is under development.

A. Development Progress

  1. NeoLine mobile

(1)Android side

  • Complete new version reconstruction;
  • GAS sync/claim experience optimization.

(2)iOS side

  • New carousel UI on Discover page;
  • GAS sync/claim experience optimization;
  • Transfer logic optimization;
  • Overall application architecture optimization and Performance optimization.

2. NeoLine Server side

  • Complete new version reconstruction of server side;
  • Multiple optimization of logical details.

3. Block Browser

  • Increase data display of daily transaction volume ;
  • Enrich page content.

4. NeoLine chrome extension

  • Complete support of Switcheo Exhange;
  • Repair invokeMulti dAPI.

B. Operating Progress

To facilitate a more user friendly experience, the new version of Neotube adds multiple languages including Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Korean…

NeoTube is one of the most popular Neo-powered blockchain explorers. It has successfully fulfilled over 10 million blockchain data requests and queries. We are preparing to add support for an additional 7 languages to make our service easier for users around the world. The additional languages will include: Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Korean.

The development team of NeoTube — NeoNEXT, consists of Chinese and English, speakers. As such, we are seeking volunteers to assist us with translating the website into the aforementioned languages. We humbly ask for the help and support of the community to achieve this…


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