July&August Monthly Report

Key description

• NeoLine Wallet has upgraded N3 wallet’s UI design. N3 migration module functionality has been enhanced and launched.

Development progress

1. NeoLine Mobile

• N3 MainNet and TestNet have been supported.

2. NeoLine Plug-in Wallet

• N3 MainNet and TestNet have been supported.

3. Neo3 NeoTube

• N3 MainNet data search supported.

4. Neo3

NFT block trades analysis has been completed.

Operation Progress

1. Neo N3 Migration

Neo N3’s Early-bird Migration is now fully accessible both on NeoLine mobile and the extension wallet.

2. How to keep your assets safe

Protection of assets has always been our top priority which is why we have been focusing on teaching about our wallet over the past two months. By teaching about how to correctly use our wallet in addition to the common cases of asset loss caused by maloperation, we aim to guide users to use wallets correctly and actively, enhance users’ basic knowledge on wallets, and remind users to protect their asset at all times.


The emphasis of our work during July and August was to support the launch of N3 MainNet, the upgrade of TestNet and the Migration of Neo N3, and provide a better wallet, explorer, development tools, and other related infrastructure services for the Neo N3 Migration.

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