Monthly Report- March

1.Key Points

  • NeoLine mobile and NeoLine chrome extension are upgraded to N3 RC1 version.
  • The new version of NeoTube N3 RC1 is tested and optimized as well as fix some data display problems.

2.Development Progres

  • 1.NeoTube
  • Neo3 NeoTube updated to N3 RC1.
  • Fix the problem that a few block page details data display is empty.
  • 2.NeoLine Mobile
  • Upgrade IOS v2.6.4 (56) and Android v2.8.0 to N3 RC1.
  • 3.NeoLine Chrome Extension
  • V3.1.1 is upgraded to N3 RC1.
  • Fixed the problem that the avatar could not be displayed when opening the wallet for the first time.
  • 4.Neo3
  • Neo3-squirrels updated to Neo N3 RC1.
  • Upgrade all Neo N3 nodes to RC1 version.
  • Optimize the calculation logic of network fee for transactions, and minimize the necessary network cost of the constructed transaction.

3.Operation Progress

  1. How to keep assets safe

Next, you’ll be the killer ! 看得见的区块链,dapp孵化器 —— NEO未来社区

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