Monthly Report — November

1.Key Points

The development and deployment of neo3 blockchain browser. Completed the new 0.0.1 version of neo3 test net.

Neoline chrome extension supports and develops neo3 test net.

The development and optimization of neoline mobile version for neo3 test net module.

2.Development Progress


The new version of neo3 block browser has been developed. Followed with updated node version.

2.NeoLine Mobile

Optimization and development of neo3 test net module

Add new function of address book

Add new function of the message center

The above functions will be issued together with the neo3 version.

3.NeoLine Chrome Extension

Complete multi-chain

Adjust Neo2 interface to accommodate multi-chain

Adjust the Neo3 interface and develop the remaining functions;

Bug fixes.

4.NeoLine service

Optimize the function of asset exchange rate

Optimize the message notification system;

Bug fixes.


Neo3-squirrel added several data fields to provide better data support for NeoTube Neo3.

3.Operation Progress

1.NeoLine Private Seminar held to Episode 8

The bi-weekly NeoLine Private Seminar has been held to Episode 8. In each episode, we use online topic sharing to explore industry hotspots and the latest development in the Neo community at home and abroad with Neo community users in a multi-dimensional manner. This program provides members of the Neo community with deeper participation and understanding of the development of Neo.

2.How to keep assets safe

This month NeoLine has held a series of seminars centered around asset safety. We are making an effort to raise our users’ awareness about what are the potential risks in asset management and how to avoid them. Hopefully, users will be able to properly handle our product and be more informed about this aspect under our guidance.

3. Neo3 testnet invites internal test

This month, we invited 50 wallet users using different types of phones to conduct an internal test for the upcoming Neo3 testnet. They experienced series of new functions of series of NeoLine’s Neo3 testnet, and the improvements have been made based on the feedback.


This month’s work has been centered around Neo3 related infrastructure construction. Completed the development of the first version of the Neo3 browser, and optimized the existing wallets which completed in the first phase. The team has been working hard to ensure NeoLine is able to deliver reliable service right after Neo3’s launch.