NEXT Community Work Report for March 2020

Hello everyone, NEXT community monthly report in March is coming! Here are the latest community work progress:

Development Progress

1、NEOLine Wallet Mobile

(1) Android (Latest version 1.4.4)

· Added internationalized Korean and Japanese versions;

· Fixed the issue that the assets on the transfer page show unknown;

· Fixed the issue that the amount displayed on the transfer details page was incorrect;

· Fixed the problem that more information data could not be loaded;

· Fix version update progress bar.

(2) iOS (Latest version 1.6.6)

· Fixed a small amount of transfer amount display issues;

· Optimize the transfer code;

· Added internationalized Korean and Japanese versions.

(3) Updates on major mobile versions

· Changed the main UI color;

· Optimized the visual presentation of the transfer page;

· Adjusted the data structure of the message notification;

· Corrected inaccurate expressions in some international languages;

· Added account module;

· New UI version wallet development is complete.

2.NeoLine Server

· Developed a wallet in-app draw tool;

· Cloud wallet service development, adding Golang SDK:;

· Optimized on-chain transfer costs;

· Optimized message push.

Official website:

Operational Progress

1.Held the second phase of NeoLine’s favorite activities for users

From March 2nd to March 6th, the second phase of NeoLine’s favorite event for users was “Download NeoLine, KN95 masks will be delivered to your home for free”. As of March 6, 10:00, a total of 782 people participated in the event. In the end, we selected 502 wallet users and gave them 2 KN95 masks each.

NeoLine’s user-loving event takes place every month. Let’s look forward to the April event together!

Official website:

2.Recruit Volunteers for NeoLine Product Testing

Since the official launch of NeoLine in beta last November, today it has experienced more than 10 iterations of the version. With each version iteration, product testing is the most important step. Not only because we are serious about our products and responsible for our users, but also because of the characteristics of digital wallets, which have extremely low fault tolerance.

In addition, in 2020, the NeoLine wallet will add a number of new features. In order to create a wallet that better meets the needs of users and users’ aesthetics, we launched the “Recruit Volunteers for Testing NeoLine Wallet Products” campaign.

Registration link: prepares for migration

Preparations are underway to migrate to

The page style and color system have been re-determined, and the banner and event promotion positions have been added in order to inform everyone of Neo Dapp’s marketing activities in a timely manner.

The Neo Dapp has been filtered and optimized, and the le1 page layout and prompt copy have been determined, which can make the NEO blockchain users more easily and quickly understand the most popular projects in the community.

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